“New technology is common; new thinking is rare.”- Sir Peter Blake

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Feedback, Accountability & Growth In Learning - Continuous Growth in Practice

Documentation & Reflection
Please post your Activity Write-Up, Reflection and Enrichment from January --> moving toward your vision

Less Is More; More & Different

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The Journey Begins with Early Adopters

Cohort 1: Forward Feedback

One Weeks Time...
  • April/May: in-class or on-campus planning
  • June: facilitated planning for next year
    • June 5
    • June 6 - Staff Dev day (Principal discretion)
    • week of June 9 (?)


Feedback, Accountability & Growth In Learning
Documentation & Reflection:
Please post your Activity Write-Up, Reflection and Enrichment from November/December--> moving toward your vision
  • Be sure to include...
    1. student work samples
    2. your professional reflection (Reflection Prompts)
    3. questions that surfaced in your thinking, as you reflected on the students experience during this lesson/activity

I am feeling ready to walk into the classroom tomorrow morning eager to give students more control of their own learning including answering less questions and letting them discover the answers themselves.

CriticalFriends Ferriter.jpg
source: http://blog.williamferriter.com/2013/07/29/are-you-a-critic-or-a-critical-friend/
Student Voice in Learning:
Feeling that one is contributing something to others appears to be especially motivating. For example, young learners are highly motivated to write stories and draw pictures that they can share with others… Learners of all ages are more motivated when they can see the usefulness of what they are learning and when they can use that information to do something that has an impact on others—especially their local community.
- How People Learn, the National Academy of Sciences

  • Research Suggests:
    • Friedman, NYT: www.nytimes.com/2013/12/08/opinion/sunday/friedman-cant-we-do-better.html
      • In what ways are students (and teachers) taking advantage of online tools to create, collaborate and learn?
      • What opportunities are you providing students to develop a true feeling of "ownership" over their learning?
      • In what way(s) have you leveraged learner-ownership as an "early adopter"?
      • How are you working to foster a culture of ownership for all learners across your campus?
    • Wiggins/Hattie (What Works): http://grantwiggins.wordpress.com/2012/01/07/what-works-in-education-hatties-list-of-the-greatest-effects-and-why-it-matters/
      • To what degree have you considered student self-assessment and self-grading?
      • What resources have you found or developed to support your students as self-assessors/graders?
      • What role do formative assessment, teacher/peer feedback and classroom discussion play in your students daily learning?
    • Connect, Collaborate, Create, Share, Learn... (please post your thoughts to a new page and tag w "studentvoice" - it will appear in list below)

list of pages tagged: studentvoice

Accountability & Growth In Learning
The Two Year Twist:

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Tweaks, Edits, Modifications? swilkie swilkie 12 39 Jan 27, 2014 by olsone2 olsone2
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Design Time

According to Jane McGonigal, an epic win is “an outcome that is so extraordinarily positive you had no idea it was even possible until you achieved it … it was almost beyond the threshold of imagination and when you get there you are shocked to discover what you are truly capable of.http://sourcesofinsight.com/go-for-the-epic-win/

Consider the elements of our Early Adopter project (listed above), the District goals of student-owned and globally connected learning and, especially, your personal learning goal.
What "epic wins" have you experienced during your EA journey? These wins, these moments, these experiences, no matter how small, make an immeasurable difference, as do you! Please share and celebrate yours!
Our epic wins


More or Different? Documenting & Reflecting along your Journey
  • Housekeeping (30 minutes)
    • Please post your Activity Write-Up, Reflection and Enrichment --> moving toward your vision
      • To make a new Activity page:
        • Title: <name, topic>
        • Template: activity design
        • Tags: design, discipline (see chart), campus, last name (ex: design, sciene, Ridgecrest, Butler)
      • SAVE your page
      • CHECK to be sure you page appears on our NEW SBISD Activity Share page, as well as on your individual page (the one with your 6-Word Memoir)
    • Please consider the post of your "sticker partner"
      • Use the discussion area of their activity page to pose at least one question about and one connection to their students experience
      • Resources:

  • Talking TEKS - it's all about the verbs, baby! (1 hour)
    • In pairs, pick a TEK you will address this year
    • Create a New Page:
      • Title: Discipline, TEK
      • Template: TEKS Exploration
      • Tags: ea, TEKS, last name of each partner
    • Identify the Knowledge and Skills statement
    • Identify the Student Expectations
      • Cognitive Rigor (verbs in both K&S and SE)
        • The level at which students are expected to perform in order to meet the standard
        • Determined by the verbs used in both the knowledge and skills statements AND student expectations
      • Content Rigor (demonstrations)
        • The content items for which students must demonstrate understanding at the appropriate cognitive level in order to meet the standard.
    • How might digital resources serve to support or enrich student learning and/or demonstrations of understanding?

  • Summer Lovin' - connecting back to EA Summer Institute (30 min)
    • Partner Up!
    • Pick one activity/lesson from above
    • After reviewing the activity, access the discussion area of that page and create a new discussion titled: Connections
  • Work with your partner to identify connections between that activity and the following:
    • connect to Blooms - where might this fall within Blooms Taxonomy?
    • connect to SAMR - where might this fall within SAMR
    • connect to SBISD Goals - in what way(s) does this activity support SBISD T-2-4 and Findings and Directions work?

  • Reflect: What is More? What is Different?
    • Consider this post and contribute your personal reflection to our blog
    • In your post, please include a link to your activity, student work and/or other artifacts that have informed your practice and shaped your reflection
    • Please link this post to the top of your personal page
    • T-P-S: Given the feedback from your students and your sticker partner, and drawing on your personal reflections, what might your next design step be? What small shift or iteration will you make to move you/your students closer to your vision?

  • Food for Thought: Documentation & Reflection (20 min)
    • How and where are your students documenting & reflecting on their work?
    • What artifacts of learning are your students collecting?
    • How & where are students storing and sharing their artifacts and reflections?
    • Why bother?


The Acts of Your "Action Research": goals, objectives, strategies, resources, data collection, self-monitoring & assessment
  • Housekeeping
    • October Share
    • Activity Write-Up, Reflection and Enrichment --> clarifying your vision
  • Paying Attention?
    • Who's their audience?
    • What's the purpose?
    • Doing some more, or doing some things differently?
  • Destination - Vision - Mission - Action
  • Walking the Walk
    • How are you prepared to Walk the Walk this year? How will your journey reflect action research ?
    • Please go to your personal learning journal page and respond to the following:
      • Identify your Goals & Objectives
      • What Obstacles/Problems do you anticipate?
      • What Strategies will you use to overcome these obstacles?
      • What resources and materials will you share via our EA wiki and learning community?
      • Data Collection:
        • Pre-assessment - how will you determine the base-line of your students in your target area?
      • Action Research Assessment and Evaluation:
        • How will you measure success?
        • How will you know if you have succeeded?
        • What will you collect as evidence of success?
  • Immediate Opportunities...
  • Activity Types
  • Design Time


Shaping Your Opportunity
  • 6-Word Memoirs
  • #1st5Days - Revisit, Reflect & Revise
  • Investing
  • Clarity of Vision -

    • Building Scramble( groups of 4 from different buildings): choose who will read and represent each component
    • Divide & Conquer: gather in "resource teams" (those who will read same resource as you)
      • as you read and discuss with your resource team, take bullet point notes and be prepared to take the following back to your jigsaw group:
        • summary of article
        • critical elements and how you see each connecting with:
          • learning
          • R&R
          • T24
          • SBISD EA experience
        • consider and share why you think the big idea(s) behind your resource was used as a shaping feature of EA?
        • please post a group "thought shot" in our discussion area to reflect your bullet point notes from above
    • Reconvene in jigsaw group of 4
      • Work together to share notes, summaries, elements, connections and believed significance of your resource
    • Individually reflect on your discussion and how/where it connects to the identified NEED for change (doing some things differently, as opposed to doing something else)
      • create a bullet point list in the discussion area of your personal page
    • Collaborate with your jigsaw team to draft a description of the EA effort
      • How would you describe your EA learning journey, as it relates to each of these driving elements, and the way(s) in which it is different from other PD experiences (expectations, heavy lifting, support, etc.)?
      • Every Hand, Every Mind, Every Voice - your description must represent elements of each members thinking (bullet point lists)
      • Record & share your description - (audio, video or text-with-image; post it to each of your personal pages)
  • Resources

  • Shaping Your Opportunity
  • Developing A Prototype for Testing

  • Campus Pages