My Destination Postcard:

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Early Adopter: Inquiry & Design Challenge

I want students to understand collaboration by using personal and global connections to build real time and digital collaborations.

Name: Malissa Downham
  • Campus: Frostwood
  • Grade Level(s): 5
  • Discipline: Math/ Science
  • Topic: notetaking
  • Focus Question:How will comprehension of content material through the use of digital notetaking skills improve?
    • What are some digital notetaking tools?
      • edmodo
      • google docs
      • evernote
    • Is there a progression of complexity in tools to support a complexity of notetaking?
    • Is the use of technology enough to motivate students to determine importance in content to improve their ability to access and comprehend content materials?
    • Include the critical three questions from CCP
      • What is this piece about?
      • What does this mean to me?
      • What is new to me?
      • ** ( to enhance writing) What can I learn about expository writing from this writer?

  • Working on the Work
    • Activity:
      1. Individually, design a student resource, activity type, or mini-challenge to try in the classroom over the next month to test. Then, get feedback from partners.
      2. Try out resource, activity type, or project during the month(s), documenting plan, process, execution and reflection and collect student work samples.
  • Walking the Walk
    • How are you prepared to Walk the Walk this year? How will your journey reflect action research ?
    • Please go to your personal learning journal page and respond to the following:
      • Identify your Goals & Objectives
      • What Obstacles/Problems do you anticipate?
      • What Strategies will you use to overcome these obstacles?
      • What resources and materials will you share via our EA wiki and learning community?
      • Data Collection:
        • Pre-assessment - how will you determine the base-line of your students in your target area?
      • Action Research Assessment and Evaluation:
        • How will you measure success?
        • How will you know if you have succeeded?
        • What will you collect as evidence of success?

Please create a page for your activities that will help others understand the steps you are taking in your inquiry and design process.
Creating Your Activity Page InqDesign.png
  1. Please make a new page:
    • Title: <name, topic, Round 1>
    • Template: activity design
    • Tag: design, campus
  2. SAVE your page
  3. Check to be sure your page appears at the top of our Activity Share page

example: Jennifer F. Round 1