Spring Forest Middle School

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Highlights of Our Journey

Author 1 (name)

  • I was excited to engage in a project to help teachers think about changing the students' role in their learning with or without technology.
  • I chose "Develop student questioning" to help students to owning their learning.
  • My first step was to use the technique of questioning by modeling for teachers. I asked students..what do you know and what do you need to know? I was hoping that it was going to catch on with the teacher, but it didn't materialize. This method was still not his or her idea.
  • Showing teachers what to do without establishing a need is not productive. Neither the teacher nor the students learned.
  • I shifted my focus to the students in a support class. We talked about the need for resources. The teacher agreed to allow students to help me.
  • I started with Jing and moved to Activ Inspire because it was easier to access for teacher and student.
  • I learned that there were different ways to create videos and screencasts. They supported me as I continued to find my way around the movie making business.
  • Students will do what is necessary to help others and not themselves.
  • Next time, I should research more about the ways people create videos by talking to people who are already helping students to create resources.
  • I need to market the resources to connect the resource with users.
  • Students enjoyed making screencasts and learned to become an expert in that one small slice of a concept. They learned valuable experiences in creating materials for others.

Author 2 (name)

  • First steps
  • Initial thoughts/impressions
  • Realizations
  • Small Shifts in my thinking and/or practice
  • Small shifts in our classes learning, thinking and/or ownership
  • What I've learned from my peers
  • What I've learned from my teacher
  • Reflections
  • Next Step Ideas

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