Action Based Learning

Action Based Learning
Time Frame:
entire school year
After creating a schedule for classes to come to the Action Lab, the students will rotate through 5 activity stations that increase their heart rate and promotes brain processing skills when they get back to the classroom. I will be taking videos and pictures to log their time in the lab. I will be tracking the data to show improvement in test scores.
1) Create a schedule for classes to regularly attend the lab.
  • The students will be rotating through the various stations that support brain processing skills
  • Create a management routine for students when they visit the lab
  • Track data to see growth of students on benchmark testing, report cards, and behavior.
  • I will be taking videos and pictures to document and highlight the activities in the lab
  • I will start a blog, and other resources to promote the lab and share
  • Be sure to highlight opportunities for students to practice/employ an "early adopter" or lifelong learning skill
  • To improve student focus and learning Math and Exercise to
I will be tracking data as the students take benchmarks and class room assignments.
I will also be monitoring behavior.
How will you assess the students learning?
Please identify opportunities for differentiation.
  • ipad, computer, camera, video
It was very exciting to see the blog come to life as a learner. The students enjoy coming to the lab and getting their heart rate up as they practice math skills. I created the schedule to track the students and teachers that were able to come to the lab. It is challenging to find the time to get the classes to visit the lab. With benchmarks and conferences, the lab was not a priority the last week. IPlease share what went well, what was challenging and what you might tweak or modify for your next round....


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