Accountability for Learning
What sub-categoriesshould be identified?
*How might these be described, or explained
to our stakeholders?
How are the skills for each relevant, or meaningful to our students?
How might our teachers interpret these in practice?
What tools can be used to support student/teacher development of these skills?
How might this skill set fit with our priority of empowering student learning?
How does this sub-category connect to SBISD's 5 Year Plan?
How does it connect to our campus goals?
What other considerations
need to be made specific to this strand or to one of the sub-categories?
Round 1
  • Idea of choice/engagement
  • Transforming the idea that learning looks different than paper and pencil
  • Defining the change, but also how it is assessed.
  • Define "relevant curriculum"
  • Patterns of relevancy
  • Disconnect with home life v. expectations at school.
  • Content has not changed, tools have changed.
  • Works well with learning styles, meaningful to know their own learning.
  • Think aloud, project based learning, modeling-flip classroom model.
activ votes, rubrics, opportunities to collaborate,
free choice = autonomy=empower
Builds on the strengths and gifts of each child.
Instill in every student the belief that they can achieve more than they think possible.
Balancing rigor and relevance.
Round 2

Round 3

Round 4

Draft Goal
Draft Plan

Please be sure to type your notes in Word, then copy & paste into the table above


  1. As a whole group, work through question in first column: What sub-categories of Accountability for Learning need to be identified?
  2. Are there questions our group needs to consider in addition to those listed in the remaining columns above? If so, please add them.
  3. For each sub-category, complete the process of Rounds (see below) *Rounds can be done individually, in pairs or in small groups

Round 1:
  1. Select one sub-category from above to address
  2. Divide the remaining columns among the individuals, pairs or small groups, each taking a question(s) to address as it relates to the sub-category selected.
  3. Individually, in pairs or in small groups, post a response to the question under your column in "Round 1".

Rounds 2, 3 & 4:
  1. Each individual, pair or small group moves to the next column and considers what was posted in the previous round
  2. Add responses in box for appropriate column & round
  3. "rinse & repeat" until all questions have been addressed for each sub-category.

  1. Consider the most critical elements of each response to your rounds.
  2. How can they be combined to draft a Media & Information Literacy goal(s) for your group?
  3. Given the details in the responses to each question, what specific steps need to be taken to move your group toward your goal(s)?

* proceed slowly to avoid check list approach -- ticking boxes v. truly unwrapping, experimenting, grappling, discovering, realizing & embedding possibilities & potential of tools, skills and applications (see