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Grade Level: 6th Grade
Subject: Language Arts
Strand: Understanding and Analysis Across Genres (6.2E)

Knowledge & Skills
Student Expectation
Cognitive Expectation
Content Expectation
Reading/Vocabulary Development:
Understand new vocabulary and use it when
reading and writing
Use a dictionary, a glossary, or a thesaurus(electronic or printed)
to determine the meanings, syllabication, pronunciation, alternate word choices, and parts of speech of words
determine, chose
determine word meanings, syllabication,
pronunciation, alternate word
choices and parts of speech

Possible Activity Types:
Online Dictionary/Thesauraus
Students will create personal/individualize dictionaries/thesauruses which include word meanings, syllabication, pronunciations and alternate word choices.
The main purpose of this lesson is for students to master the skills required to successfully use dicitonaries and thesauruses.This is an important life skill which will be useful throughout the students' lives. Bonus: dictionaries/thesauruses are allowed during the STAAR Reading and Writing tests.
Resources Needed
Examples of dicitonaries and thesauruses of various types; Rubric Example for Personal Dictionaries
The use of Edmodo to create folders in their libraries, mindmapping tool to determine various meanings of words, use of dictionary
with related activity/skill;