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3rd grade scrapbook of year's learning
Language Arts / Technology
3rd grade
Time Frame:
All year 2013-2014
The students create a scrapbook in Google Apps presentation. Where they develop slides, share them and reflect on their learning.
1) Create a presentation of their third grade year learning.
2. Learn to share and comment on each others.
  • Be sure to highlight opportunities for students to practice/employ an "early adopter" or lifelong learning skill
  • What TEKS or other objectives does this activity/lesson project meet?
The students and I peer edit over Google Apps. We discuss possible changes, revision.
The scrapbook is naturally differentiated. They can only create to the best of their ability.
Computer Lab,
Feel like the scrapbook is going well. Got caught off guard when I asked the students to share their artifact work and poem with me. They quickly figured out that they could share with each other, and asked permission to do so. I had planned a whole lesson on constructive feedback, but in today's world the kids all have the TE. Interesting sex divide, the girls shared their work beautifully. even with the ability to edit passed on. Boys instantly realized they could edit and went to town. Lesson still to come.
1/30 Much better sharing abilities. Boys have learned respect for others creations and how to respect them. In reading their comments to each other, I noticed two girls sharing a scrapbook, complimenting, Zoe asked how she did the video, Response" I'll show you" I can only assume she jumped out of the seat demonstrate.
1/30 We also played before the break with the idea of blogging. Not enough instruction up front and sadly it turned into viewing of videos on utube with very little creating. Restarted our scrapbooks with the New Year . Very pleased with results, and quality.
One more reflection is the children's ownership of their learning. Since they spend more time on it then I do, they know how to get effects I don't. Lots of student to student learning. My job has turned in to noticing when something cool is done, asking the student if they are willing to share, and then putting it up on the projector so the child can show me and others how to do it!


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