Exploring Our TEKS

Grade Level: 2nd Grade
Subject: Reading and Writing
Strand:TEK 2.15A - Follow multistep directions
TEK 2.15B Use common graphic features to assist in interpretation of text
TEK 2.21A Use time order transitions words in sentences

Knowledge & Skills
Student Expectation
Cognitive Expectation
Content Expectation
TEK: 2.15A,B The student will interpret multistep directions in order to create a partners imaginary creature based on the written directions using transitional words, pictures, diagrams, headings, charts and numbering systems.
read directions
show by creating creature

draw/build snowman based on instructions
build creature based instructions

peer discussion with author or directions

author will revise directions based on feedback

Possible Activity Types:
Creature Creations
Writer's draw a picture of an imaginary creature and then write step by step instructions on how to recreate the creature. SW exchange instructions with a partner. The partner will read and interpret instructions and will recreate thier partners imaginary creature. Upon completion of the creature, the partners will compare the creatures with the instructions. Writer's will then make revisions to thier instructions based on partner feedback and illustration.
Resources Needed
i-pads if available in order to make a quick picture to store and share for comparison. They write their directions in edmodo, students reply in edmodo, whole class can share in the critique. SImilarities, suggestions, revisions.