Ms. Pabon's 10th Grade Blogs

10th Grade Blogs
English II
10th Grade
Time Frame:
1 class period to set up; maintain blogs year-round

Students will maintain a daily journal in class. Once a week, students will choose one of their journal entries to revise, edit, and publish on a blog.
1) Set up: "Blog Pass Activity" In small groups, students will use iPads to examine notable 4-5 blogs. Students will compare characteristics of the blogs and determine what are the most important characteristics for a successful blog. Students will use this information as inspiration to create their own blogs using Google Sites.

2) Daily writing: Students will respond to daily journal prompts, based on readings in class.

3) Weekly publishing: Students will choose a journal entry and spend class time revising and editing the piece before publishing to their blogs.

4) Monthly collaboration: Periodically, students will review their classmates' blogs. Students will be required to leave feedback on each other's blogs. Students can e-mail the teacher a screenshot of their comment to show they have fulfilled this part of the assignment.
  • **Students will use technology to self-publish their own writing.
    • Students will collaborate to improve each other's writing.
    • Students will prepare for EOC and other writing assessments by building their endurance with daily writing.
    • Students will use elements of the writing process to compose texts (TEK 13 A, B, C, D, E Writing Process); focus is on the revising and editing portions of the process.
Teacher uses a class-constructed rubric to asses blog posts.

Teacher monitors student blogs weekly for posts.
Teacher compares written journal to blog posts to check for appropriate editing and revision (students are not just re-typing their journal entries).
  • **Laptops or iPads with Internet access
    • Blogspot account
    • Journals
Please share what went well, what was challenging and what you might tweak or modify for your next round....
  • Links to teacher or student work examples.


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